Mike Mull is a graduate of Hickory High School and began his career by working under several local veterinarians as Vet Assistant, including Dr. Copeland and Dr. Robinson of Hickory, NC. In 1972, Mike joined the United States Air Force and was chosen to be part of the K-9 Corps after graduating from Air Force security police division. Serving in the K-9 Corps in Abilene, TX, Mike also travelled overseas to both Ubon, Thailand, and Kunsan, Korea, air force bases to train dogs in obedience, attack, tracking, building search, scouting, and obstacle courses.

After an honorable discharge as Sargeant, Mike returned to Hickory, NC, to train dogs in clients' homes. Then, the opportunity to become Head Trainer of two kennels in Houston, TX, became Mike's career move for the the next 18 months. After that, Mike returned home to train dogs at Dandy Run Kennels in Sawmills, NC. After leasing the kennel for nearly one year, Mike bought the kennel in 1979 and changed the name to Mullhaus Kennels which is German for House of Mull. 

In addition to being a professional trainer and owner of a boarding kennel, Mike has years of experience of importing German Shepards and training police dogs for Catawba and Caldwell Counties Sherrif's Offices.